Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 7- Office Organizer

I created a space for Derek and Nessa to organize their office supplies (pens, paper, paper clips etc.) using a window frame that Vincenzo saved after they tore down the old extension on the back of the house.

1) Carefully remove the glass from the window frame (thanks to Sean, Vincenzo's assistant for that)- I actually liked it unfinished, and left it the way it was with cracking paint. However, you could sand and paint it your desired colour.

2) Purchase wire mesh and using wire cutters, cut to fit the frame.

3) Reclaim items to use as storage containers and paint them your desired colour. I reclaimed soup cans, water bottles, pop cans- my favourite was reusing the Sherwin Williams paint jugs. I had Vincenzo cut them in half, they were quite handy for large storage.

4) Using an awl (sharp object to create holes) make small holes at the edges of your storage units.

5) Thread wire through the holes and attach it to the wire mesh.

6) Fill with your favourite pens, markers and stationary for a very personal work station!


Candy November 20, 2007 at 1:28 PM  

i think that this is the smallest office i have ever seen! lol but it's so cute that it makes up for it! i love the organizer idea! ur so full of new ideas-- which i believe makes u a very unique designer! good stuff!

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