Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spelling Bee fun

I was so pleased to see my buddy Vanessa Ray (the bubbly blonde on HGTV's Marriage Under Construction) while she was in town recently. She got an amazing job playing the role of Olive in DanCap's production of the 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee.

She was AMAZING! And like a real life groupie, I waited by the stage door for her (sans flowers, Nessa, I still owe you those!). She introduced me to her fellow cast members, Dana Steingold and Andrew Keenan-Bolger. You can read more about what hapens while on a national tour of The Bee on Andrew's blog (far more technological than mine and warning, his videos are slightly addictive) http://keenanblogger.blogspot.com/


Monday, February 11, 2008

Nathalie's Hallway

I just completed a web consultation with my first customer in Montreal! I sent her a big package with sketches and suggestions. It was fun as it allowed me to practice my graphic design abilities that I worked so hard on through four years of school.

One challenge she faced was her hallway and how to hang picture frames. She already owns a great collection of art pieces, and working within a budget, did not want to go out and buy all new pieces. But she was bored with her current configuration.

I suggested to hang the art in a random cluster, not being afraid to mix rectangles, squares, even ovals and circles in a pleasing combination. Aim for the centre of the composition to sit at around eye level (I always just use my eye as a guide, no need to bring out the measuring tape) and play with your existing frames until you are happy. Using masking tape on the wall in the shape of your frames as a test before you go poking holes (especially in wallpaper!) may be helpful.


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