Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Episode 9- Custom Side Table

After some budgeting, Vanessa was able to purchase a beautiful mirrored side table from Union Lighting. However, this left little money for Derek's side table. So I came up with a creative use for an old kitchen cabinet.

Step 1: Find your table top. A friend was redoing her kitchen and gave me her old cabinet door (still looks great!). I also find a lot of my treasures at the handy person's corner at the AS IS department of IKEA.

Step 2: Find your legs. My silver legs, used to complement the reflective surfaces in Vanessa's side table, were taken again from AS IS at IKEA. You can also purchase legs in many forms at a hardware store.

Step 3: Attach the legs. To do this, we purchased small kits ($1.99 each!) that include the plate and screws. For this to work, your legs must have a metal part that will fit into the plate. Ask your friendly associates at your local hardware store for help in this area.

Step 4: Attach the plates to your tale top and screw your legs in. Ta da! Simple bedside table solution.


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