Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 7- Reclaimed Accessory Wall

This accessory wall was one of my favourite projects. Vanessa loves it as it is a great way for her to organize and showcase her purses, scarves and other accessories.

1) Be brave and find material to reclaim. I went to the front yard where Vincenzo had been disposing of excess material and other items from the house (some call it garbage, I call it treasure). I found old baseboards and wood pieces.

2) Purchase (or reclaim) hooks and knobs. I purchased many from my local hardware store for very little (6 for $1.99) and reclaimed more unique knobs from old dresser drawers and junk boxes at antique stores.

3) Fasten the hooks and knobs at your desired spacing on your reclaimed wood. I spaced them about a foot apart from each other.

4) Adhere the wood pieces to the wall. If you are planning on hanging heavy items, ensure you attach the pieces of wood to a stud.

There you have it, a unique and fun way to reuse material and give you practical wall storage.


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