Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A first time for everything...

Hey everyone! A small recap in case you are stumbling upon my page (welcome, by the way!). I recently made the move into interiors from the world of fashion and designed my first house this summer for a young couple, Derek and Vanessa. God has a funny sense of humour as He thought it might be fun to feature my first time designing a house every Monday night at 9:30 on HGTV's Marriage Under Construction (aah!). Needless to say, it was an amazing experience and one I am happy to share.

My clients had a very limited budget that had to accommodate a renovation as well, so I had to be VERY creative to stretch their minuscule budget. So I learned how to upholster chairs myself, sew my own pillows, create new furniture out of items they already had and shop very smart. I had an amazing time working on the house and on the show. Derek and Vanessa were a joy to work with. We laughed a lot, we all learned a lot and they were very willing to jump in, get their hands dirty and learn by trial and error.

Having a sense of humour about things was important in such an (at times) arduous process of renovating. Vincenzo Sica, our contractor extraordinaire, had a great sense of humour and was very patient with my ignorance to the world of construction (he has a vault of classic things I did / asked before I got schooled on power tools). His team was equally fabulous and bailed me out of many situations (Sean, Nathan and Jesse). Thanks boys! I now feel like I fit in at Home Depot.

On top of designing for my very first clients, the whole process was captured on camera. This involved (attempting) to look like a pulled together grown-up every day, being articulate and again having a sense of humour about things. I must say, I loved the crew, and we became our own little (at times dysfunctional!) family. When you spend as much time together with people as you do when you create a television show, you get a little attached. I admittedly am in withdrawal and miss the MUC crew (Directors: Richard, Vinny; Production Coordinators/assistants: Dan, Triton, Alex, Ashlee; Camera operators: Matt, Matt, Jeffers, Andrew; Sound: Mikey, Bart(s), Kuba)

I had so much fun working with Derek and Vanessa I have decided to launch my own business- I'm currently working with a creative design firm to launch my website and my logo. I can't wait for you all to see it!


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