Tuesday, November 27, 2007

His and hers decorating styles

"Marriage Under Construction..." The irony in the show name is that in a mere two weeks, I'm getting married! My fiance Josh Canning and I have found an amazing little apartment, complete with a 1930's porcelain sink and original hardwood floors. But decorating a space with someone you love can be a challenging feat. Here are some tips to avoid domestic decorating disputes!

TIP 1: The woman is always right. JUST KIDDING! But agreeing on a design style does require a lot of communication. I recommend sitting down and looking through design magazines together and tagging items that you like and you absolutely don't like. Compare and contrast and see if you can find a few words that define your style: contemporary, colourful, minimal, vintage, traditional, modern. If these words don't seem to vibe with you, look to retailers for inspiration- are you a Pottery Barn fanatic or is Urban Outfitters more up your alley? If you totally cannot agree, see if there are any elements of each style that you can get on board with.

TIP 2: Make a design board. Take these images and glue them on a board, or store them in a folder where you can go back to for reference. As you are around town, keep these references in mind. You have a collective of both of your tastes.

TIP 3: Start with paint. If you love bold and he loves boring (just kidding, again!) compromise and go with a neutral colour on the wall and use the bold colours in pieces of art, throw pillows and accessories. This way you can always change it up as your tastes (and family!) grow.

TIP 4: Similar to paint, pick out pieces you both love in the staples of your room ie. you bed, sofa, dining table. With these to anchor the room, you can add drama and flair in other areas.

TIP 5: Shop smart and often! Be very aware of sales and new stores that turn up. My favourite shopping spots include: boutiques on Queen West, boutiques on King East, big mega stores including The Brick Factory Outlet in North York, idomo, and of course, IKEA. However- be wary of purchasing everything from the same store so your space is also a reflection of you and not necessarily a show room copy cat.

TIP 6: Compromise accessorize. Here is where a lot of compromise can happen. He loves his sports memorabilia? You love your teddy bear collection? By pairing down to one or few of each (think EDIT) you can still have your favourites without making the whole place over-girly or testosterone filled. The idea is to make it look intentional, and not haphazard.

TIP 7: Hire a designer. When in doubt, involve a moderator! They will help you find common ground. They also often have inside scoops and deals with vendors. Plus, their experience will ensure your design ends with a happily ever after. And we all want that!

Love to hear your stories,

Lisa (soon to be) Canning


Tina November 27, 2007 at 9:26 PM  

Congrats on the wedding!
Love the show and all your projects! Im moving into a new apartment and totally stealing some DIY projects!!!
You have so many trendy great ideas!!!!

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