Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 6- Guest Bedroom Bench


A bench looks great at the end of the bed, plus it's a practical place to change your shoes or fold laundry- but they can run you $$$. We made one for cheap!

1) Find a bench. We purchased ours at Goodwill, and it cost $7.50 on Goodwill's 1/2 price day (yes, even Goodwill has sales, you just have to ask when)

2) Cut a piece of high density upholstery foam to fit. This can be purchased at some fabric stores or upholstery centres. You can save money by cutting it yourself using (brace yourself) an electric turkey carver.

3) Cover with fabric. Measure the surfaces of the foam, including a 1" seam allowance. Cut fabric and sew, leaving one end open in order to fit the foam. As an extra bonus, I added a piping detail in the same fabric as the chair that we made. Piping is easier to do than I thought, but does require some sewing experience. Close the foam end by stitching by hand and voila- a custom cushion for your bench that coordinates perfectly with your room.


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