Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mrs. Canning

Hi friends,

So you know how I got married 6 months ago? I FINALLY got my act together and have changed my website, and blog to reflect my new marital status.

So please join me on my new blog,

Thanks for all the support and see you on the other side!

Love Lisa C


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks HGTV

Yesterday I had a great interview over breakfast (a sandwhich recipe consisting of brie, chocolate chips and basil- yum!)with HGTV's Vanessa Grant. She's doing a profile on me and my space for HGTV's on-line blog, Style Sheet. So much fun.

Click below for a feature they did on my DIY headboard:

Happy decorating, Lisa


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eat to the Beat Breast Cancer Event

Eat To The Beat

wine, dine & design in support of Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada.
This coming September I'm so excited to be taking part in Eat to the Beat, a huge event in support of Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada. My mom is a survivor, so I am overjoyed to be designing a table setting for auction and to promote the event locally.
This year's chef spokesperson is Anna Olsen of Food Network's "Fresh with Anna Olsen" and "Sugar". I can't wait to meet her, I am a big fan.
For more details on the event and how you might be involved, take a look


New Set for Slice Network

As promised, here are more photos of a set I just completed for Slice network- it's going to be a HUGE show for Fall 08 (and you're seeing the set here first!)

Happy decorating,



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want to be on HGTV? I need you!

So I know most of you who read my blog are HGTV Savvy- well here is your chance if you want to be featured in a new show being developed for HGTV Canada!

I'm looking for men and women between the ages of 18 - 28 who have their own space and their own budget to spend on a room makeover.

Here's what you need:

- a fun photo of yourself
- a small bio about you & where you live
- a budget (can be small! $1000 for one room is okay!)
- a cool space- just move into a new loft, condo, apartment, house? send me a photo!
- willingness to work within a budget and get your hands dirty
You'll get:
- free design and contracting services
- the experience of working with a television crew
- be featured on a new show in development for HGTV Canada!
Post your photo and info here or send it to me at Thanks!


Busy April

Hey- sorry for my lack of posting lately, it was bit of a busy April!

I just finished working on a space for a new show for Slice network to be released for the fall- here's a taste until I get my photographer in the space to take proper pictures (camera phone doesn't really cut it in this case!)

More to come, stay tuned.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode 11- Basement

Even with the show in a second repeat, I still haven't seen this episode! You'll find below are the projects I think the show featured, otherwise you get a bonus!

Derek and Nessa gave me a challenge- transform which was once a scary, dirty dungeon to a warm and cozy, creative inspring space.
Honestly, I think this room ended up being my favourite room in the house. I know it sounds crazy, with the low duct hanging that ended up being a concussion hazard (there were several bruises on set!), but there is something charming about this room to me. Maybe because it was the last room we worked on I feel slightly nostalgic.
Take a look at this customized space for Derek and Vanessa- a creative room they could jam in, relax in and occasionally do laundry!


Episode 11- Basement Projects

Painted frames above desk
Make a fun graphic statement with inexpensive frames and a can of paint.

Step 1: Procure several frames. Mine were all from a neighbour who was having a garage sale and was going to throw them out (aka free!) Look for different shapes, interesting textures- they by no means have to to all be rectangular.

Step 2: Prime and paint. If I learned anything from this show, it is the value of primer. You might think no one sees it and it's an unnecessary cost, but trust me, it will make all your painting look better in the long run. We picked a complimentary colour to the red- a pale green. It was so nice to have some fun with colour in the basement.

Step 4: Arrange on wall. You can make your composition symmetrical or slightly more random as I have here. I used masking tape on the wall to plan it out and change my mind before adding the nails.

Step 5: Ta da! A fun and inexpensive way to fill a lonely void on a wall!

Vintage T-shirt Pillows
Pay tribute to your favourite bands with a comfy space to curl up.

Step 1: Shop for t-shirts (my favourite part!). I visited Black Market in Toronto. Because the basement is so saturated in colour already, I stuck with pillows with a lot of black and white.

Step 2: Cut the fabric for the pillow. Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. Try to centre the graphic or image you want on your pillow. Using your pillow as a guide (filler pillows can be purchased inexpensively at Designer Fabrics or other fabric stores, or use one you already own) measure an extra inch for seam allowance. Cut through both pieces of fabric.

Step 3: Turn the t-shirt pieces over so the good sides are facing in. Sew along three edges of the square, insert pillow, and finish the rest by hand. If you are really fancy, you can add a Velcro or button or zipper closure.

Chimney flew side tables
An unusual use for a piece of building material becomes a funky end table configuration.

These low to the ground, stackable end tables were made by priming and painting chimney flews. These terra cotta rectangles are traditionally used to create the base of a chimney. I saw these used in a prayer service called Taize, and I thought they looked so nice with candles lit within.

Chimney flews can be purchased at select building supply centres and range from $7 - $15. It was great fun showing up to a building supply yard in my high heels! Should have got a picture of that : )


Thursday, March 6, 2008

For the love of shopping

For those of you who loved the graphic print in Derek and Nessa's "cloffice," you can have your own copy in note card form on my new on-line store!

Visit for fresh and fun items for your home and personal style. Stay tuned for new items to be added soon!

Enjoy! Love Lisa


Monday, March 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Surf: my first Vancouver clients

So I've just finished working with my first Vancouver clients, Kim & Kevin. They have built an amazing home in Kelowna, BC and after watching MUC, Kim commissioned me to paint something as a gift to her husband. The painting is of Kevin and Kim, running with their surfboards to the Pacific Ocean Park Pier, a location very nostalgic to skate and surf fans alike. (What a sweet present- and a total surprise! Good job Kim for hiding it so well, I'm horrible at keeping secrets from Josh!)

It was a great experience to dust off the fine art paintbrushes and create a custom piece for this couple. If you'd like to have something very you and can't find it in the stores, consider hiring an artist or designer to bring it to life. (Thanks Kim for the great reaction shots of Kevin!)

This whole project took about three weeks as Kim wanted to have the painting ready for Kevin's birthday Feb 29. Thank goodness for FedEx overnight delivery! Kim was kind enough to send photos of the painting hanging in their Kelowna home.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spelling Bee fun

I was so pleased to see my buddy Vanessa Ray (the bubbly blonde on HGTV's Marriage Under Construction) while she was in town recently. She got an amazing job playing the role of Olive in DanCap's production of the 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee.

She was AMAZING! And like a real life groupie, I waited by the stage door for her (sans flowers, Nessa, I still owe you those!). She introduced me to her fellow cast members, Dana Steingold and Andrew Keenan-Bolger. You can read more about what hapens while on a national tour of The Bee on Andrew's blog (far more technological than mine and warning, his videos are slightly addictive)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Nathalie's Hallway

I just completed a web consultation with my first customer in Montreal! I sent her a big package with sketches and suggestions. It was fun as it allowed me to practice my graphic design abilities that I worked so hard on through four years of school.

One challenge she faced was her hallway and how to hang picture frames. She already owns a great collection of art pieces, and working within a budget, did not want to go out and buy all new pieces. But she was bored with her current configuration.

I suggested to hang the art in a random cluster, not being afraid to mix rectangles, squares, even ovals and circles in a pleasing combination. Aim for the centre of the composition to sit at around eye level (I always just use my eye as a guide, no need to bring out the measuring tape) and play with your existing frames until you are happy. Using masking tape on the wall in the shape of your frames as a test before you go poking holes (especially in wallpaper!) may be helpful.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeff & Mira's bedroom

I've just finished consulting with one of my first clients Jeff & Mira (check out the digital sketch I gave them as suggestions for starting off). Jeff & Mira just purchased their first home near Liberty Village. They have a lot of hopes and dreams for their first home together, but needed some help for their small (but beautiful!) master bedroom.

Here are some tips when working with a small bedroom:

  • Be smart with storage. Mira and Jeff purchased a bed from SPACE, that has storage up the wazoo! Utilizing drawers under the bed allows you to keep the bedroom peaceful and clutter free- because we all know that at the end of a long day the last thing we want to look at is yesterday's laundry on the floor! If you have a spot for everything, clutter won't accumulate.

  • Use colour carefully. Jeff and Mira love intense colour (their living room is a lovely bright red!) but intense may not exactly be the mood for snuggling and sleep. Instead, take the colour you love and go a few shades lighter on the same paint chip so the colour is less saturated. Also, I am a big believer in testing a colour on the wall to see if you love it as much in the day as you do at bedtime.

  • Think about scale. Sometimes less really is more (although I usually end up with the mentality of more is more, especially when it comes to shoes and purses) but edit well in a small space so pieces become focal points.

What do you think? Love to know your small spaces solutions!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I couldn't resist

I'm a Canning now- which means I'm Irish. Which also means that we had an Irish Caller at our wedding. Click above for a sample. I'm the girl dressed in white.

My friends were kind to post other videos from the ceremony:

Have a great day, Lisa


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lisa Canning Creative Consulting

Since HGTV's show Marriage Under Construction began airing on Monday nights, I've been very flattered and slightly overwhelmed by the e-mails and phone calls from viewers interested in my ideas for adding personality and fresh design to their home.

So in the coming weeks I'll be meeting with new clients, blogging about the process, launching my new website and discovering what it's like to be miss entrepreneur (or mrs. entrepreneur!). In the meantime, feel free to check out

Thank you so much for your e-mails and compliments. And for watching the marathon that aired while I was on honeymoon! It's kinda weird that I've now officially been part of a marathon- and to those who continue to watch, thank you!


Lisa and Josh Tied the Knot!

Happy New Year! I begin 2008 with many new additions: a new apartment and a new last name!

I am happy to announce that on December 8th, 2007 Josh and I were married at the Newman Centre Catholic Chapel. We dined in style at The Capitol Event Theatre and danced to the sounds of the Dick Felix jazz trio and live band Soular. We began our adventure as a married couple in sunny Costa Rica among monkeys, toucans and cups of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

So I begin 2008 as Lisa Canning.
My first mission: decorating 850 square feet of our 1930's midtown apartment. Sharing photos with you will be a veritable joy- can't wait until you see them!

Second mission: learn how to cook edible food...


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