Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode 11- Basement

Even with the show in a second repeat, I still haven't seen this episode! You'll find below are the projects I think the show featured, otherwise you get a bonus!

Derek and Nessa gave me a challenge- transform which was once a scary, dirty dungeon to a warm and cozy, creative inspring space.
Honestly, I think this room ended up being my favourite room in the house. I know it sounds crazy, with the low duct hanging that ended up being a concussion hazard (there were several bruises on set!), but there is something charming about this room to me. Maybe because it was the last room we worked on I feel slightly nostalgic.
Take a look at this customized space for Derek and Vanessa- a creative room they could jam in, relax in and occasionally do laundry!


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