Monday, March 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Surf: my first Vancouver clients

So I've just finished working with my first Vancouver clients, Kim & Kevin. They have built an amazing home in Kelowna, BC and after watching MUC, Kim commissioned me to paint something as a gift to her husband. The painting is of Kevin and Kim, running with their surfboards to the Pacific Ocean Park Pier, a location very nostalgic to skate and surf fans alike. (What a sweet present- and a total surprise! Good job Kim for hiding it so well, I'm horrible at keeping secrets from Josh!)

It was a great experience to dust off the fine art paintbrushes and create a custom piece for this couple. If you'd like to have something very you and can't find it in the stores, consider hiring an artist or designer to bring it to life. (Thanks Kim for the great reaction shots of Kevin!)

This whole project took about three weeks as Kim wanted to have the painting ready for Kevin's birthday Feb 29. Thank goodness for FedEx overnight delivery! Kim was kind enough to send photos of the painting hanging in their Kelowna home.


Kim Larson,  March 3, 2008 at 8:25 PM  

Kevin loved the painting!!! He was so surprised…I have attached some photos for you of him opening the painting and from our GI Joes and Barbie Hoes Housewarming and Birthday party which was so much fun. Our new house looks so good with people in it. Thanks again for everything you have done, I never would have guessed that when I saw your painting on Marriage Under Construction that I would actually be able to have you paint one for us. Thanks for taking my ideas and making them better and your amazing creativity made this painting truly a fantastic addition to our art collection. The compliments you received at our party from our friends was unmeasurable, I wish you could have been there. If you ever come to BC to the Okanagan Valley famous for our wineries, beaches and being the Napa Valley of Canada please know you have a friend here and a place to stay.

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