Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode 11- Basement Projects

Painted frames above desk
Make a fun graphic statement with inexpensive frames and a can of paint.

Step 1: Procure several frames. Mine were all from a neighbour who was having a garage sale and was going to throw them out (aka free!) Look for different shapes, interesting textures- they by no means have to to all be rectangular.

Step 2: Prime and paint. If I learned anything from this show, it is the value of primer. You might think no one sees it and it's an unnecessary cost, but trust me, it will make all your painting look better in the long run. We picked a complimentary colour to the red- a pale green. It was so nice to have some fun with colour in the basement.

Step 4: Arrange on wall. You can make your composition symmetrical or slightly more random as I have here. I used masking tape on the wall to plan it out and change my mind before adding the nails.

Step 5: Ta da! A fun and inexpensive way to fill a lonely void on a wall!

Vintage T-shirt Pillows
Pay tribute to your favourite bands with a comfy space to curl up.

Step 1: Shop for t-shirts (my favourite part!). I visited Black Market in Toronto. Because the basement is so saturated in colour already, I stuck with pillows with a lot of black and white.

Step 2: Cut the fabric for the pillow. Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. Try to centre the graphic or image you want on your pillow. Using your pillow as a guide (filler pillows can be purchased inexpensively at Designer Fabrics or other fabric stores, or use one you already own) measure an extra inch for seam allowance. Cut through both pieces of fabric.

Step 3: Turn the t-shirt pieces over so the good sides are facing in. Sew along three edges of the square, insert pillow, and finish the rest by hand. If you are really fancy, you can add a Velcro or button or zipper closure.

Chimney flew side tables
An unusual use for a piece of building material becomes a funky end table configuration.

These low to the ground, stackable end tables were made by priming and painting chimney flews. These terra cotta rectangles are traditionally used to create the base of a chimney. I saw these used in a prayer service called Taize, and I thought they looked so nice with candles lit within.

Chimney flews can be purchased at select building supply centres and range from $7 - $15. It was great fun showing up to a building supply yard in my high heels! Should have got a picture of that : )


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