Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeff & Mira's bedroom

I've just finished consulting with one of my first clients Jeff & Mira (check out the digital sketch I gave them as suggestions for starting off). Jeff & Mira just purchased their first home near Liberty Village. They have a lot of hopes and dreams for their first home together, but needed some help for their small (but beautiful!) master bedroom.

Here are some tips when working with a small bedroom:

  • Be smart with storage. Mira and Jeff purchased a bed from SPACE, that has storage up the wazoo! Utilizing drawers under the bed allows you to keep the bedroom peaceful and clutter free- because we all know that at the end of a long day the last thing we want to look at is yesterday's laundry on the floor! If you have a spot for everything, clutter won't accumulate.

  • Use colour carefully. Jeff and Mira love intense colour (their living room is a lovely bright red!) but intense may not exactly be the mood for snuggling and sleep. Instead, take the colour you love and go a few shades lighter on the same paint chip so the colour is less saturated. Also, I am a big believer in testing a colour on the wall to see if you love it as much in the day as you do at bedtime.

  • Think about scale. Sometimes less really is more (although I usually end up with the mentality of more is more, especially when it comes to shoes and purses) but edit well in a small space so pieces become focal points.

What do you think? Love to know your small spaces solutions!


rhiannon February 9, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

Hmm it's true less is more in decorating, I like your loophole for shoes and purses, frankly I think that is a necessary loophole ;)

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